Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Google Ads Site Search

Pretty obvious move for them, but now corporate sites can use Google Search (Business Edition or GSBE) for their own internal search function. The Appliance version runs internally on company sites ($6k US per year), while the standard is off of Mountain Views servers ($100 US per year) for 5000 pages.


It's not listed within the NZ Google site (although I did find it under about us at http://www.google.co.nz/services/index.html)


A story on Widget's. Interesting just for it's background on how big player like Google and IBM are developing widgets as well as how others like the NBA, Rebook, and Ebay are using it as a channel. Haven't seen any NZ specific examples (although rumors abound about a NZ Telecom promo widget).

Also, a note about it's potential of fubarring existing ad models (similar to RSS feeds).

"If widgets really take off, they could upset some big apple carts. They undermine performance measures that the ad industry has tried so hard to establish for measuring Web activity, such as page views and time spent on a site. In a world where a Web site can be splintered into a hundred little pieces, widgets reshape the definition of a Web page and an audience. They also could accelerate a move away from big Web portals."


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aussies sue Google

Ok, I'm not an attorney or an Aussie...so the nuances of this are probably lost on me.

Looks like it is against Australian law to include the name of a competitive company in your advertising. It sounds like Trading Post (Telstra) used a few competitive car dealerships names in their Adword buy, which apparently is a legal no-no over there.

While using the dealers names seem pretty sketch (the fault of whomever set up the Adwords campaign), I think blaming Google might be a tad excessive. The comment that "sponsored" links were confused for organic results seems like BS, especially since it is standard practice for all SE's.

If there are any Australian Attorney's that specialize in Digital IP - would love to get a take from the ground.


Social Networking worlwide report

Interesting article in eMartketer (ISPOS Source) about Social networking. Although NZ isn't included in the data - one can infer that trend of most initial visits within the last 30 days applies here.

This is consistent with reports coming out re Faceboks spike of older users as well.

Stats as of 11 July 2007

Facebook NZ Network: Total: 30,043


40% Female

34% Male

26% None Listed


Goodbye World...Hello New Zealand!

Having recently arrived from the California to New Zealand, I'm starting (yet another) blog on one guys take on New Zealand Digital Marketing.

About myself - I've been doing the digital thing for the past 13 years, having gone thru the heyday of the Silicon Valley dotcom boom and bust and rebuild. I've worked at startups but have predominately been on the agency (advertising, online/digital, promotions - even a stint in PR).

What I am hoping to share thru this blog is my take on New Zealand Digital Marketing - what's really cool - what's not so cool, and what has me scratching my head in confusion - and of course get everyone Else's opinions.